About US

RMMS is a community that is committed to empowering students to become active, compassionate, lifelong learners.  We work with families as well as local and global communities to implement challenging interdisciplinary programs of international education.  We develop students that are respectful, inquiring, knowledgeable and reflective change agents who are empowered to create a sustainable planet and a more just and peaceful world.

Recent News

RMMS New Family Update
We are excited to get to know our new families! Check out what you can expect from us in the coming weeks.
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2021 Exhibitions
Recently, our 5th-grade students completed their PYP Exhibition. The PYP Exhibition is a culmination of all of the skills, strategies, and knowledge that they have accumulated as a PYP Learner within the I.B. Primary Years Program.
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Explore Our World
Explore Our World: Tales From RMMS
Join us for a look inside RMMS, from the perspectives of the educators, students, families, and alumni who love our school.
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Camille Felty
RMMS 2nd Grader Advocates for Climate Awareness
She may be only seven years old, but this month Camille Felty took a first step to changing the world for the better.
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RMMS Parent/Caregiver Handbook
It is always helpful to be informed of the expectations for students and families of RMMS.
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