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A major part of the operation of the Magnet School is the site-based decision model which conducts many functions of the school. Below are descriptions of some of the various committees. Each teacher is expected to make committee choices and serve on those committees. Committee membership is open to any employee. Part of the Teacher Evaluation Instrument includes a section about meeting one's professional obligations. Serving on RMMS committees is part of that and will be reflected at the end of the year in the evaluation summary for the year. First year teachers are normally not obligated to serve on committees.

Curriculum/Professional Development

This group consists of staff and parents and meets at the school. The committee addresses topics related to curriculum, instruction and assessment K-5. They assist in materials selection for program delivery. These also develop plans for staff professional development. They currently have sub groups working on writing, literacy, mathematics, and science.


Meets after school once a month. This committee decides what positions will be added to staff or modified. They write job descriptions, advertise for jobs, screen applicants, conduct interviews, and recommend persons for the position. This committee meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 3:30 PM. They often do not meet in the fall and early winter, but meet more frequently during the hiring season.

Multicultural Committee

The Multicultural Committee is a group of staff and parents that meets every other month. They work on infusing multiculturalism into all curricula areas at RMMS. The committee examines the multicultural focus of the school and provides resources and professional development opportunities to the RMMS community.


This committee oversees the development of Spanish and Bilingual programs. They work on curriculum, write grants for this area, design programs, establish parent activities, and focus on the needs of the bilingual population and community.

Teachers help students with art projects in the art room

Other Committees

  • Steering
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • MITT
  • Responsive Classroom
  • RMMS Education Foundation
  • Safety
  • Science
  • Social Studies