Cinderella's Story: RMMS Teacher Publishes Book

A Real Cinderella Story: Beloved RMMS Teacher Publishes First Book
Boosh Bird

For almost 35 years, Ms. Cinderella’s stories have been part of the fabric of what makes Regional Multicultural Magnet School (RMMS) a beloved place for children. Woven with heart, humor, and joy, her tales contain lessons about family and the wisdom of generations.

Now, Cinderella Mosley is ready to share her stories with the world.

In March, Mosley became a published author when her first book, Boosh Bird, was released. It’s a familiar story to students at RMMS, where Mosley is a substitute teacher. A baby bird leaves its nest, determined that she is ready to face the world without her mother’s help. The reality is different than the baby expected, leading to some dangerous misadventures.

Boosh Bird is one of many stories that the Mosley family has shared for generations. She was retelling it at RMMS when her students insisted she turn it into a book to share with more children.

“The students around the world will love it, like you love us,” Mosley said, recounting her students’ advice. “It took many years to publish the book. My beautiful students kept after me and I promised them one day, I would publish the story.”

It took an RMMS collaboration to make that promise come true. Mosley began working at RMMS as a teacher’s assistant in 1996. She is known to all as “Ms. Cinderella,” and colleagues say she is still the first person that alumni ask about when they come to visit.

For Boosh Bird, Mosley teamed with illustrator Robin T. Nelson, whose own children attended RMMS decades ago. Together, they took the birds from oral tradition to a vibrant children’s book. Nelson helped Mosley navigate a difficult industry and kept her spirits up when publishers were slow to respond to their pitch. Eventually, Learning Rock Press LLC agreed to publish the book.

Storytelling has always been important to Mosley, who said she experienced racism and was frequently doubted throughout her life. She called publishing her book a life-changing event and credited RMMS with providing a nurturing environment that supported her as a writer and an educator.

“RMMS students, the enrichment coordinator, teachers, and administrators made me realize that I was somebody,” Mosley said. “Finally, after all these decades, I can reach my dreams and be successful in what I love the best.”

Mosley’s colleagues are delighted for their friend. Grade 2/3 teacher Candy Bartsch raved about Boosh Bird, saying “this book should be a must for all classroom and libraries around the country.” But Mosley’s contributions to RMMS go well beyond her stories.

“Cinderella brings a joy and love of learning that fills everyone who comes in contact with her up to the brim of their joy buckets,” Bartsch said. “She is RMMS and she spreads her love through her multicultural stories and anecdotes.”

Boosh Bird is available on Amazon. Mosley said she is already at work on her next book and hopes to publish it next year.

Mosley read Boosh Bird to followers on RMMS's Facebook page. Watch here.