Frequently Asked Questions

Is there tuition to attend RMMS?
No, RMMS is a public school run by LEARN, there is no tuition.

Is there transportation provided from my district?
Each community develops a transportation plan independently for their RMMS students.  Click here to view district transportation arrangements for the 2017-2018 school year.

How many kindergarten students will you accept?
We will accept approximately 90 new kindergarten students.

How many upper level students do you accept?
We accept upper level students only to replace students who are not returning to RMMS.

How many openings do you have in my district?
Each year we determine the number of openings from each district by calculating how many students are currently enrolled from that community, the number graduating, being retained and those not returning to RMMS. We determine the number of openings available from each district on the day of the lottery. As more openings become available, we will accept more students from the applicant pool.

Do I need to live in one of the original 12 school districts that made up RMMS in order to apply?
We accept applications from students entering kindergarten through fifth grade from any town in Connecticut. After we have met our obligation to our original 12 districts, an additional lottery is held for the remaining seats for students who live anywhere in Connecticut. In the past years, students from diverse towns such as Colchester, North Franklin, Norwich, and Old Saybrook have attended RMMS.

My child currently attends The Friendship School (TFS) and I want to apply to RMMS for kindergarten or first grade, but I don't see RMMS as a lottery option when I go to the online application.
You need to edit your child's online application since your child's online application still shows Pre-K as the grade level to which you are applying.  Sign in to your online account and change the "apply to grade" to K or 1, and then the RMMS lottery will be listed as a lottery option.

What happens if my child does not get into the school by the lottery?
An applicant pool is developed after the initial lottery in April. Your child's name will remain in the applicant pool until September of that year. We accept students from the applicant pool as openings become available, through September.

What if I want to reapply for my child the following year?
The process begins anew each year. If you would like your child to be considered for admission please call us January through March to get a new Application for Admission. You may also apply on line at:  Please note: The applicant pool is only good for the year that you apply and being in the applicant pool one year does not increase your chances of getting into the school the following year.

If one of my children goes to the school will my other children automatically be accepted?
In general, if your older child is currently enrolled any younger siblings living in the same household are granted sibling admission to the school and do not need to be accepted through the lottery. Please check the Sibling Policy for detailed information about Sibling Admission.