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Every student has a story to tell. Our teachers all have their own perspectives, and behind each family is an adventure.

Welcome to our new blog, where all these stories will come to life. You’ll read, see, and hear first-person accounts of the amazing learning that takes place at RMMS. Whether in school or at home, our IB focus continues as our students explore their world and our educators open new possibilities. This blog will give you a glimpse into what makes our school a special place.

Expect a mix of different authors. You’ll read entries from RMMS students, educators, administrators, parents, alumni, and more. We invite you to tell your story as well. Contact Mrs. Pierandi at lpierandi@rmms.k12.ct.us if you’d like to be a guest blogger.

To our students and families, we hope you continue to stay safe. Keep learning and exploring your creativity, and we can’t wait to see you again soon. Let’s tell our stories together.

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June 2020 - Posts
A fellow teacher recently texted me asking me what I thought of RMMS. I asked her if I could call her rather than text my reply. I wanted to speak with her, rather than text because I have so many positive things to say about this school that if I texted them all, my fingers might just fall off. As a former employee of RMMS (substitute and enrichment teacher), a current LEARN employee (at DLAMMS), and a parent (one kid that graduated, and two in 4th grade), I have a very unique perspective of this school.   When we first applied for the lottery for my daughter, almost 10 years ago, I was drawn to the school because of their motto: Where Uniqueness is Treasured. This spoke to me because my first born is wildly unique, and we needed a place that was not only accepting, but a place that would allow her to flourish. Another, equally important reason we wanted our kids to go to RMMS is so that they wouldn’t be surrounded by other kids that looked exactly like them. We were longing for the multiculturalism of this school. RMMS has shown my children so many different other cultures, experiences, and foods! My kids got to dance traditional dances of Haiti, speak to classmates’ family members that immigrated to this country, as well as sample foods from all over, one of the favorites being from Greece.   The teachers at this school made me see my own children in a different and more positive light. Because of the amazing experiences at this school, I was inspired to become a teacher myself. This school is responsible for altering the course of my entire life. I thank this school with everything that I am. My children are caring, kind, open-minded, risk takers. This school gave them the vocabulary to be able to speak and communicate their truth, as well as the experiences to be the wonderful humans that they are growing into. Thank you Regional Multicultural Magnet School, for all that you have done, and for all that you continue to do for my children, my family, and our entire community.
Posted by Guest  On Jun 03, 2020 at 3:31 PM