Welcome to Parent Caregiver Connections (PCC)

When and Where We Meet

PCC will meet once a month and is open to all without obligation. Meetings will offer an open forum for sharing, connecting with other families, teachers, and administration. Keep up to date on school happenings, share ideas, advocate for your child and participate in community outreach. If participated in the past with COMPASS we would love your input. COMPASS has been replaced by the PCC as we strive to meet the current needs of the RMMS community. Contact Amy Jacobitz 860.608.3571 or Ahbra Curtis-LaManque 860.405.5363, you may also send an email to rmmspcc@gmail.com.

2017 Meeting Dates 

We are currently hosting 1 hour "Coffee House Meetings" the last Friday of each month from 8:30-9:15 am in the RMMS Library. Please join us Friday April 28th!

The mission of the PCC in partnership with the RMMS mission, is to:

  • Empower parents and caregivers with a forum to address the issues relevant to the success and longevity of the school;
  • Maintain a sense of community among the RMMS family;
  • Promote quality in education;
  • Foster overall school improvement;
  • Support the overall mission of RMMS; and
  • Encourage the enhancement of multiculturalism in all aspects of the RMMS experience. 

You may join the PCC email list at any time by submitting your first and last name and email address to rmmspcc@gmail.com with the word "add" in the subject line. As our group is new you will receive messages from the RMMS front desk for the time being. 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please, feel free to contact PCC at rmmspcc@gmail.com.