RMMS Peace Day

RMMS Spreads Peace Day Message
Posted on 05/23/2018
Student with Paper Dove

The Regional Multicultural Magnet School’s message of peace found its way to the airwaves on Monday, May 21, when WTNH Channel 8 ran a news feature about the school.

Reporter Tina Detelj spent the morning at RMMS for Peace Day, a celebration of love and cooperation that was inspired in part as a response to school tragedies across the country. The day included a whole-school morning assembly at Williams Park in which students sang songs and learned about symbols of peace around the world before returning to the school to complete cooperative classroom activities.

Parent volunteers and teachers assisted as older students worked with younger children to fold origami peace butterflies and cranes. Some classes included messages of peace such as famous quotes from the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, John F. Kennedy, and many more, which were then attached as tails to the paper critters. The origami is now on display in the RMMS foyer. Additionally, all classes reviewed the RMMS Peace Pledge that students and staff could sign as their commitment to a more peaceful world.  The Pledge can be found below.

Click here to see Detelj’s story at RMMS’s efforts to promote peace. For more photos of the day, visit RMMS’s Facebook page.

RMMS has some kindergarten slots still available. For more information, visit the school’s website.

RMMS Peace Pledge 2018

A Day of Caring and Recognizing How
We Can Make Our Planet a More Peaceful Place

 "I believe that we must and we can Build Peace Every Day. Every Person, in Every Family, School, Community, City and Country.  I believe that my own thoughts, words and actions make a difference. Therefore, from this day forward, I pledge in my daily life, to:

 Respect all life. Reject violence. Share with others. Listen to understand. Preserve the planet. Rediscover unity. We must and we can build a “beloved community” and a more peaceful world."

 - Adapted from Chicago Public Schools & The King Center

RMMS Promesa De Paz 2018

Un Día de Cuidando y Reconocimento de Cómo
Podemos Hacer Nuestro Planeta Un Lugar Más Pacífico

 "Yo creo que debemos y podemos Hacer La Paz Cada Día. Cada Persona, en Cada Familia, Escuela, Comunidad, Ciudad y País. Yo creo que mis propios pensamientos, palabras y acciones hacen la diferencia. Desde este día en adelante yo hago esta promesa:

Respetar a toda la vida. Rechazo la violencia. Compartir con todos. Escuchar para aprender. Preservar el planeta. Redescubrir la unidad. Debemos y podemos crear una comunidad querida."