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 A poet's pride is the final product

A pride of poets begins the production




The slide goes up.

The water goes down.

As I jump in,

I twist and swi

I start to spin.

I’m acting like

My twin.


I jump and spin.

I’m on the right side,

My twin is on the left,

As we both slide

To get to the water.

I’m having so much fun

On the waterslide.


By Trémaine, Grade 3



Excitement, Fun

Gliding, Stopping, Jumping

Skate, Wheels, Tape, Bearing

Rolling, Flying, Standing

Rob Dyrdek, Fantasy Factory



By Immanuel, Grade 3



Drip, drip.

The water drops


the tree.

It falls silently

on a car.

by Davion, Grade 3



Water is refreshing

And really cold.

It’s really fun to play with

When there is nothing to do.


Water is everywhere,

Even in the sky.

But then it evaporates

And changes.


By Cortlin, Grade 3



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